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Welcome to the SEE Suite’s coverage of the 2018 American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference! Throughout the week, we will be diving into the social media conversation surrounding the conference. All of us here at the SEE Suite are excited to hear about some of the great research as scholars and professionals from around the world travel to New York (hopefully without too many delays).

A topic wheel detailing the conversation surrounding the AAA Conference, centering around congratulating award winners and excitement for the coming conference.


In the buildup to the conference, most of the conversation centered around congratulating AAA award winners. Specifically, Dr. Deb Morrison at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication winning the Charles H. Sandage Award for Teaching Excellence caused a large spike in activity. The following tweet was highly shared with over 20 retweets.

Also central to the conversation thus far is general excitement for the conference. Users were quick to comment on the coming Nor’easter, with some conference goers changing their flight and hotel plans to safely make it to New York on time. We certainly expect this to be a topic of conversation moving forward. Also central to the excitement are the research presentations to take place, including the 4.3c Signaling Sustainability: Approaches to On-pack Advertising and Consumer Responses presentation. Finally, conference goers are just generally excited to get together, noting the time since the last conference.


Post contributed by SEE Suite Graduate Associate Travis Brown.