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Go Daddy is notoriously famous for their previously provocative and controversial commercials, but this year, they decided to take a different approach. For the past few years, GoDaddy produced very risqué and almost inappropriate ads that often received a lot of mixed and negative sentiment/feedback. This year, they decided to take a different approach through the use of popular memes and trends.

The ad uses many popular phrases, memes, and hashtags from the past few years to create their version of the ‘greatest super bowl commercial ever’. From the ice bucket challenge and trending hashtags to popular brands, music, and fashion items, this 30 second teaser is full of internet inspired easter eggs.

With this commercial being completely opposite of anything GoDaddy has done before, it will be really interesting to see what happens to the sentiment and emotion throughout the game tomorrow night. So far, it has begun to receive positive feedback, and even offering a challenge to viewers to try and spot all of the hidden references.

Is Change Coming? Stay tuned!