Itai Himelboim, SEE Suite Director

Dr. Himelboim is an associate professor at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, teaching Social Media Analytics, Listening, and Engagement; Advertising Research, and Applied Network Analysis of Social Media. He studies social media networks and their implications for democratic and civil societies, examining patterns of interactions and identifying key actors and communities on social media platforms to analyze information flow between organizations and the public.   @itaih    Tumblr  

13.CacciatoreMichael Cacciatore, SEE Suite Associate Director

Dr. Cacciatore is an assistant professor at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, teaching research methodology and introduction to public relations. His research focuses on risk communication with an emphasis on media coverage of risk and opinion formation for risk topics.

Bryan Trude, SEE Suite Graduate Associate

Bryan is a Ph.D. student within the Advertising and Public Relations department at the Grady College. In addition to assisting SEE Suite interns with their work, he also serves as a lecturer, lab instructor, webmaster, copy editor, liason between the SEE Suite and other Grady courses, and overall support for the Suite’s mission.     @btrudewa