Taking the Social Media Analytics, Listening & Engagement class, students write a final report, based on the analysis of their topic of choice. Students employ Crimson Hexagon for individual and cross platform social media, Excel for raw data advanced analysis, and a variety  of other social media analytics tools.  We bring below some of their work. Our students were very fortunate to work with our professional mentors.

Click each organization’s logo to access their final project report. Links to their final presentation slideshows are at the end of each group roster.

Spring 2020

Surfrider Foundation

Lauren Heise
Izy Dobbins
Thomas McMullen

Presentation Slide

Mental Health America

Lindsay Gomes
McKenzie Strickland

Final Report

Rock Hall

Dakota Werner
Kali Dangar
Daniel Copetillo

Final Report

Special Olympics

Melissa Seguin
Sophie Tallman

Final Report

Ocean Conservancy

Remy Max
Gabriella Van Haelst

Final Report

American Civil Liberty Union

Brandon Toomey
Caleb Dills
Cameron Cummins

Final Report

Food and Agriculture Org. of UN

Madison Herndon
Mary Rose
Ali McFarland

Final Report

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

Meghan Telling
Daniel VanHoozer

Final Report

Charity: Water

Brooks Lemmon
Abby Fletcher
Kallie Tribble
Avery Tutt

Final Report


Jake McNeil
Kate Laver
David Bengigi

Final Report

Team USA Olympics

Jackson Perryman
Mark Paez
Evan Whitehead
Taylor Holbrook

Final Report

Georgia Football

Gracie Blount
Molly Carrillo
Corben Surio
Andy Wilson

Final Report

Georgia Gymdawgs

Ron Heart
Sabrina Beckmann
Jenny Paulk

Final Report

RED (Product Red)

Kalee Brady
Katherine Ward
Anne King

Final Report

World Wide Fund

Allie Brooks
Sarah Jacobson
Michael Ethridge

Final Report

Grady College

Alison Hollenshead
Caroline Culpepper
Matthew Moody

Final Report

Georgia Bulldogs Baseball

Emma Morgan
Mikayla Strobel

Final Report