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End it Movement is an organization dedicated to informing and raising money for their coalition partners to bring awareness, prevention, rescue, and restoration to people who are trapped in slavery. Social media is a major factor in gaining awareness to modern day slavery. In this blog post we are going to explore what drives engagement on End it Movement’s social media platforms.

The End It Movement social media platforms garner attention and awareness through of the use of their unique symbol, and hashtags that users interact with. The #Enditmovement hashtag, paired with user photos of the red “X” on their hand are key elements that allow for constant high levels of engagement across End It Movement’s social media platforms. When talking about engagement on the social media platforms, we are referring to amount of replies and retweets there are.

Additionally, the theme of posts within End It Movement’s social media platforms are not limited to the aforementioned unique factors. The themes vary with content that is intended to motivate users to join the movement, educate the public about the modern-day slave trade and recognize the efforts of those that making a difference. The highest levels of average engagement came from the “Call to Action” and “Facts” categories. Posts that are considered call to action are the ones that provide concrete ways to get involved with the movement. Factual posts are the ones that inform the reader about modern day slavery. More content of this type will surely bring about more overall awareness of the movement.


Post contributed by ADPR 5750 students Nick Sherry, Morgan Foley, and Casey Dearmon.