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While watching commercials during the Super Bowl, the product being promoted can get lost in the extravagant performances and humorous scripts, that at the end of it, users question “What was that a commercial for?” The “Power of Dreams” commercial for Honda does not lose sight of the purpose of the multi-million dollar spot during the Super Bowl by placing an emphasis on the 2017 CR-V via social media.


The image above illustrates topic waves that occurred in the Honda conversation from Feb. 6 to Feb. 7 out of a total of 2,941 posts. The topic shown in yellow is the conversation around the new 2017 Honda CR-V, while the brown wave represents the topic around the “Power of Dreams.” Based on the image, users are consistently posting more about the CR-V, which is the product advertised in the Power of Dreams commercial. Total number of posts has dropped since the commercial aired on Sunday, but conversations are forming a strong narrative around the CR-V.