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This year’s 89th Oscars are one to go down in history. From an envelope blunder to crowd favorites taking home the awards, there were many conversations generated on twitter regarding the award ceremony. From the day of the ceremony and the following 24 hours, the conversation regarding the best supporting actor grew to over 8,000 posts and the best supporting actress conversation generated over 14,000 posts.

One of the two crowd favorites, Mahershala Ali took home the award and made history by becoming the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar. His role in the film Moonlight was heavily praised, especially with Moonlight ultimately taking home the award for Best Picture. While Ali took home the award and the conversation surrounding him remained positive, one of his competitors, Dev Patel actually generated more conversation. Patel had close to 1,000 hashtags surrounding his name while Ali generated aroud 350 hashtags. Patel is currently very popular in a pop culture aspect and users raved about his red carpet appearance.


The ultimate crowd favorite and highest generated topic in this category, Viola Davis, took home her first Oscar for her portrayal as Rose in the film Fences. While she had already dominated the conversation, her acceptance speech boosted the post volume and users were quick to praise her incredible speech and historical win. Davis became the first African American woman to win an Emmy, Tony, and Oscar, making her a triple threat in the movie industry. She received plenty of positive sentiment from users, especially the fans of her popular TV show, How to Get Away With Murder.

Overall, two of the predicted crowd favorites ultimately took home the Oscar in their categories and generated plenty of positive sentiment and high post volume within their categories. Users were quick to praise both for their historic awards Sunday evening.