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Excitement Builds in AEJMC Annual Conference

Scholars all across the world are traveling to Chicago this week for the AEJMC Annual Conference, as 977 posts were made on Tuesday alone about the conference. These scholars are certainly excited for whats to come. Among the 45% of posts that could be analyzed for emotion, 73% of those posts were joyful, displaying the eagerness scholars have for coming to learn more about their fields of study.

73% of posts that could be analyzed for emotion showed Joy.


Around 2PM Eastern time, there was a significant spike in activity as several workshops and panels began. Among the most significant contributors to the overall conversation was the panel Wading through the Waters of Fake News and Alternative Facts. The most shared tweet came from Dr. Emily Kinksy, who is the Head of the Public Relations Division of AEJMC. Her post garnered 12 retweets and 20 favorites.

Twitter activity spiked at 2PM as events started to kick off.


The most shared post of the pre-conference, posted by Dr. Emily Kinksy.


Finally, a word cloud analysis gives us a clear picture that people are using the #AEJMC17 often and effectively. Among the 977 posts about AEJMC, 816 of them contained the #AEJMC17. This type of proliferation of hashtag makes it easy for conference goers to discuss key topics of the conference.

A word cloud analysis shows the #AEJMC17 going strong in the conversation.


All of us here at the SEE Suite are excited to analyze the activity from this week’s conference! Stay tuned as we offer daily wrap-ups and analysis.