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As Thanksgiving is approaching, so is Black Friday. It is considered by many retailers as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, as shoppers expect sharp discounts and sales.  We analyzed the Twitter activity surrounding the leading retailers, according to the Fortune 100 list, and found out who is leading the race in the Twittersphere across a range of social media metrics.

2017 is the “year of the consumer,” which means a brand’s reputation is more important than ever. A company’s engagement with the public is crucial to brand loyalty and trust, thus, social media comes into play. Brand to consumer interaction on social media is a necessity today, as a brand’s presence on social media can greatly alter the public’s perceptions, both positively and negatively. Social media analytic metrics such as sentiment, top mentioned and share of voice can determine which companies are winning, and which are losing, in public engagement.

We took a look at the Fortune 100 Top Retail companies to see which brands are leading in the conversation, and which ones are falling far behind.

So far in 2017, there is not a single brand that dominates the entire conversation. Each metric has its own, clear leader, but no company took the lead in more than one category. It appears the public is still widespread in its brand loyalty. Nevertheless, public perception can change instantly, so companies should continue to work hard in creating meaningful engagement with their publics.

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