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Which Beer Brand Will Gain the Best Attention?

By February 5, 2017Student Projects

Both Busch Beer and Budweiser have produced advertisements for Super Bowl LI that have a lot of potential to be successful. While Budweiser focuses on the importance and history of immigration, Busch Beer plays a pun off of their brand name. 2017 is the first year for Busch to present a super bowl advertisement, and so far, their commercial has received positive sentiment. Budweiser has received mixed reviews on their commercial due to the undertones of a political stance that their commercial takes.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to the sentiment towards the Budweiser commercial throughout and after the Super Bowl. Busch Beer’s commercial is predicted to gain positive sentiment and have an increase in brand awareness due to the comedic pun on the ‘SH’ sound in the Busch name.