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Snickers & Skittles: Romance vs. Live Commercials

By February 5, 2017Student Projects

Snickers and Skittles both took this year’s Super Bowl to try new things and continue to use celebrity influence. Skittles first took Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks, to Houston, Scotland to see if others around the world new anything about the Super Bowl through the use of Skittles. Lynch talked to various Scottish people and discovered that it is in fact a big deal even to those that aren’t from America. Meanwhile, Snickers has been very busy preparing for the first ever LIVE Super Bowl commercial. They’ve casted big names like Betty White and Adam Driver, while also using other creative celebrities like Tyler Oakley.

Skittles has also released a teaser trailer for their Super Bowl official advertisement, Romance, which plays on a love for the rainbow being greater than teen love. It will be very interesting to see which brands gain the most attention and positive sentiment. The Skittles commercial has already been receiving high amounts of positive feedback between their funny commercial and their short story of Lynch’s journey through Scotland. Snickers has taken a big leap of faith by attempting a live commercial, and due to their promotion for this ad as well as their celebrity influence, has already started to gain a lot of attention for this anticipated commercial spot.