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#AAABoston17 Saturday Conversation

Saturday’s conversation about the AAA conference was quite well received. Of the 28% of the posts that could be analyzed for emotion, 100% of them were considered joyful in nature, showing that the day’s events have resonated quite well with conference goers.

A particularly interesting development occurred today, as the University of Georgia claimed a large stake of the conversation, as can be seen below by the key words clusters. UGA dominated a large section of conversation, focusing on research presented by UGA professors and PhD students.

Finally, the posts that have received the most engagement (likes, retweets, and replies) have centered around the research presented. Interestingly, conversation surrounding research presented yesterday has carried over to today. Specifically, interest in the presentation by Dr. Jameson Hayes about branding and The Walking Dead has carried over to today, still receiving retweets this morning.