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Parley is the space where “creator, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness” for our oceans and collaborate on projects that can help this cause ( One of Parley’s most prominent strategy is collaborating with large brands such as Adidas. One example of a successful collaboration is a plastic recycle program to create sports uniforms. Parley uses the platforms and reach of these large brand organizations in order to spread their mission.

We analyzed Parley’s twitter posts for March to September in search of time most engaging posts. Our objective was to see if we could identify the characteristics of an engaging posts.

The two most engaging posts received 296 total engagements out of the 933 total engagements. This accounts for 31.7% over the period of time we analyzed. This large percentage indicates that Parley should increase the types of tweets that are endorsements, use a video, have multiple hashtags and come from Parley’s Twitter domain, such as: their collaboration with the Miami Hurricanes  and their social involvement tweets.

This post was generated by ADPR 5750/7750 students John Leuer and Mauricio Andres Villa Gonzales.