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Relay For Life is the main fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It hosts community events to bring people together in honor of cancer survivors, to remember lost loved ones and to raise money in support of the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer. In order to increase Relay For Life’s engagement on social media, we examined the level of interactions they receive on each platform and what types of content and events tend to grab users attention.

Based on our analysis, we found that users interact with our topic and organization on Twitter more than any other social media platform. Twitter makes up 53% (133,357 out of 252,726 posts) of the overall conversation. Therefore, we chose to focus on this platform for our in-depth analysis.

Relay For Life Hashtag Analysis

To evaluate which hashtags users interacted with the most on Twitter, we separated the hashtags into five categories (Organization-Specific, Holiday, Trending, Other, and None). The tweets with the highest engagement included hashtags relating to holidays such as National Cancer Survivors Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The hashtag category with the second highest engagement is the “Other” category, which included a mix of layered hashtags from more than one category.

Relay For Life Spike Analysis

 To determine what types of content and events increase Relay’s social media engagement, we looked at 10 months of posts. As seen above, cancer awareness months, Twitter fundraising campaigns and government legislation related to the organization created the most engagement with users across social media platforms.

This analysis was gathered and performed by ADPR 5750 student Olivia Beals, Casie Beasley, and Lauren Waschak