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By Sasha Lawson, Amber Tanner, and Emma Ward

Analyzing an organization’s position within the scope of its competition on social media is important to better understand and utilize information for social media endeavors. If an organization can understand where it stands on various social media platforms among its competitors, they can equip themselves with the necessary tools to either improve upon or add value to its current position within the larger scope of conversations about organizations like them. 

Girl Scouts of America, one of the largest youth organizations for girls in the United States, holds a large stake in terms of the conversations surrounding similar organizations. Girl Scouts has several competitors, including Girls In Action, Girls Inc., Girls on the Run, and Girls For A Change. Engagement, measured in terms of mention volume on various social media platforms, is highest for Girl Scouts when compared to the other female-focused organizations; Girl Scouts was mentioned in 43,163 posts of the total 49,680 posts for all organizations. In other words, Girl Scouts dominated the overall “social share of voice,” or a measure of the mentions within a defined group of competitors based on social media conversation. In comparison to the competitor organizations, Girl Scouts maintained control of a larger portion of the share of voice by consistently posting in reaction to timely news or events, therefore increasing engagement. 

Discussions online are not only important in terms of volume of mentions, but also sentiment. The sentiment of posts about an organization are important for maintaining an understanding of the types of posts being created about an organization and understanding the feelings of users posting about the industry and organization. In comparison to its competitors, Girl Scouts of America’s social media engagement, measured here by sentiment of posts, had the highest percentage of negative posts, with 14% of posts mentioning Girl Scouts having a negative sentiment. Girls on The Run garnered the highest percentage of positive posts, with 50% of posts mentioning Girls On The Run having a positive sentiment. However, volume is important to keep in mind. Girl Scouts dominated the share of voice (by volume), so it makes sense that, with more posts about Girl Scouts than about its competitors, they would have more negative ones.

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