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By Nick Atkinson, Agnes Coppage, Laura Leigh Haga, and Karlie Hanson

This dataset highlights interesting measures of share of voice among the competitors of Habitat for Humanity. While all of these competitors are involved in different aspects of helping their community, they are all related because of their dedication to people and their commitment to foster positive changes in the community. These competitors are trying to get more people involved in their organizations and to listen to their messages. Utilizing the same resources — volunteers, time, donations — is what makes each organization in competition with one another. 

From the complete dataset, Habitat for Humanity has the smallest share of voice compared to the rest of the competition. Due to the pandemic, activities such as construction stopped as volunteers could not safely meet. Competitors such as Feeding America and American Red Cross became more prevalent as people affected by the pandemic were in need of food and as the country saw rise in the demand for medical supplies. The share of voice key performance indicator illustrates these changing needs and it illustrates how the different competitors responded to the coronavirus and the situations caused by the pandemic.

The various sizes of the circles represent each organizations’ portion of their share of voice. Within each circle contains the total number of posts and percentage of total share of voice for the competition dataset.